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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bale Vs Ronaldo, who's the best?

A few days separate the Welsh star Gareth Bill star to come to Real Madrid, the spurs star will become the most expensive player deal in football history, especially in light of the English club stuck at a high price than the price at which Real Madrid contracted with Cristiano Ronaldo.

But many people believe that Cristiano deserved the amount that Real Madrid paid  it for him, before he comes to the White Club, Cristiano was crowned the best player in the world and was the best striker in Europe, all these achievements make it worth the amount that Real Madrid paid for him.

But through the figures, Gareth Bale worth also the a big amount of coming to Real Madrid. An amount exceeds the amount which Cristiano was brought , because the numbers of Bale with Tottenham in the last season, which is likely to be his last in England, are better in certain points of Cristiano's numbers with Manchester in 2008/2009, his last season in England.

Knowing that Cristiano is a real striker and plays on the wings, while the origin center of Gareth Bell is a left-back.

This is an image that shows the difference between the numbers of Cristiano and Bale in their last season in England.

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