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Friday, August 16, 2013

Finally... Ronaldhino fixes his teeth!

A dentist has finally succeeded where hundreds of defenders have failed. Ronaldhino's toothy grin was wiped away this week after an hour-long cosmetic procedure. 

The two-time FIFA world player of the year had his teeth straightened, realigned, and covered in porcelain in the Belo Horizonte on Tuesday - then took part in his local team's win the next day. 

The surgery flies in the face of the star's repeated insistence that he would never change the crooked teeth that have made him instantly recognisable to millions of people. 

Coincidentally or not, the surgery came in the same week as the World Cup winner announced that he has a new girlfriend. 

"I'm now in love," Ronaldinho told 'Playboy' magazine in an exclusive interview. "I have girlfriend and I now have a much quieter life. In the past I was often unfaithful, but I have no intention of making the same mistake now."

And that wasn't the last time the interview touched on his sex life. "During my time at Barcelona I often practiced sex before games. It was not a problem but a benefit, as it made my happier before I played on the field." 

The "first time I had sex was at age 13 with a neighbour. We were friends, and it was beautiful for both."

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