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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gareth Bale: I will not play again for the Spurs!

British Newspaper "The Sun" said Wednesday that Welsh wing Gareth Bale, assured his colleagues that he will not play again with his current team Tottenham Hotspur, who refuses his move to Real Madrid.

The newspaper quoted, from sources close to the player, as saying that Bale confirmed that he will not defend the colors of Tottenham again, adding that "Bale does not understand how Tottenham does not want to sell him in the deal that will be the largest in the history of the club," in reference to the large amount which is expected to be paid by the Spanish club Real Madrid for him.

The source added: "How any player can not be influenced by when he receives an offer from one of the world's biggest clubs without the transaction takes place? the matter is clear, then he will not like to play again with Tottenham."

It is known that Bale (24 years), has became a modern and international media news because of the desire of Real Madrid to sign him during the summer transfer season in a deal that could become the most expensive in the history of the football.

But speculation of the completion of the deal fell after Florentino Perez, Real Madrid club president, confirmed that the amount of 100 million euros required to complete the deal of Bale is large and exaggerated.

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