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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sergio Ramos: "Someone wants to kill me today!"

Iker Casillas couldnt believe his bad luck.

For the first time in 238 days, Tuesday night in the Champions League saw Iker Casillas collect his first begin for Real Madrid. Unfortunately for the Spanish keeper, he only managed to play 13 minutes of the match in Turkey after one of his own players put him out of commission early on.

In just the third minutes of the game Sergio Ramos clattered into his keeper when Casillas plucked a cross out the air in his bin.

The collision looked innocuous to start with, but quickly it became obvious that Casillas was struggling with a pain in his ribs.

A doctor tried to apply a fast fix by bandaging up the goalies torso, but two minutes later Casillas demanded a substitution as Diego Lopez marched on the pitch to save the day.

On the journey back from Galatasaray after Los Blancos picked up a massive 6-1 away win, Casillas ended up sitting next to Sergio Ramos.

Looking to make light of the situation, Ramos tweeted out a new portray showing the banter between the centre-back and his keeper upon the journey house.

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