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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sepp Blatter admits his mistakes!

Sepp Blatter has admitted FIFA made mistakes when they awarded Qatar with the right to host the 2022 World Cup. 

The FIFA President has recently backed a move to schedule the 2022 tournament so that it takes place during the European winter.

The move comes after consideration of the blistering heat which would effect both players and supporters were the matches to be played in the summer.

And when Blatter was asked whether FIFA's executive committee knew this to be a possibility when the Arab nation won their bid in 2010, he admitted this may have been the case.

"That may well be so and it may well be that we made a error at the time, he told Inside World Football.

You must consider political and geo-political realities. Who are we, the Europeans, to demand that this event has to cater to the needs of 800 million Europeans above all, when there are over seven billion people who populate this planet?

After many discussions, deliberations and necessary evaluation of the entire matter, I came to the conclusion that playing the World Cup in the heat of Qatars summer was simply not a responsible thing to do - despite the fact that I know full well that Qatar has the means to produce the best cooling technology.

That is why I went public and suggested that the FIFA executive committee should evaluation the period when the event shall be staged and see what consequences it would have to play in winter."

Blatter will gift the idea of a winter tournament to FIFA's executive committee next month.

"We need to see whether the owner of the FIFA World Cup  FIFA  actually agrees with my recommendation and whether it follows my advice to change the dates from summer to winter," he said.

"The next steps will include a close see at the international calendar and establish what consequences the change would have."

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